"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 9


Sah-Raaki swam through the strong Atlantic currents towards the floating figure of Donovan. He could make out the Sea Rhino making room to strike one final time and finishing it all up.

The Sea Rhino was actually only an enlarged Rhino head on the body of a Blue Whale, with the world renowed meanness and short temperament of the Rhino present in it.
It backed up a little, blew a school of bubbles from it's nose and charged towards the half dead figure. The calmness of the sea took a turn for the violent as if an underwater volcano had erupted. The disturbance due to the rush of such an gigantic body accelerating through, caused havoc in the underwater world. Fishes and other marine animals flew across the water and a layer of slime started to raise it's ugly head from the bottom, as the body passed it. Producing a cloud of foam behind it, the Sea Rhino zoned in for the kill.

Sah-Raaki was momentarily faster then the Sea Rhino and this fact became a life saver for Donovan. Just before the Sea Rhino could reach him, Sah-raaki grabbed Donovan and took him away from harms path. The Sea Rhino whipped around and his mean little eyes focused the fleeing figure of Sah-Raaki. With double the intensity he swam towards it to claim it's prize. Sah-Raaki could sense that Donovan's body had some signs of life left in it but couldn't mend to him until their pursuer had left them in peace. Fighting the Sea Rhino wasn't an option, with the strength of the Sea Rhino clearly tilting the scales in it's favor, swimming away was. But Donovan's body was causing a hindrance. His large black wings were ruining the 'streamline effect' further reducing the speed.

With a mighty push of his tail, Sah-Raaki ducked into a 19th century shipwrecked remains of a large ship, in the hope of loosing the Sea Rhino.

As he swam through the maze of tunnels and rooms, the whole world suddenly decided to go Topsy-turvey.


Not to be outdone, the Sea Rhino had struck the broken ship right in the middle, breaking it's back and splitting the whole ship into two. Sah-raaki swam out through one of the opening cracks but just as he was getting out, the half rotten mast of the ship gave way and went straight for him.

Sah-Raaki had been through many fights, completed a lot of impossible tasks for it's master and eaten a lot of bigger and meaner opponents, it might have had even beaten the Sea Rhino right now.

But he died instead. And all because of a rusted nail.

As the mast struck Sah-Raaki's back, a protruding nail went through his dorsal fin and teared half way through it as Sah-Raaki swam forward. He dropped Donovan and stopped dead in mid water. He tried fanatically to move forward but failed with every effort, panic swept through him as the picture of the impending death loomed in front of Sah-Raaki. Like most marine creatures Sah-Raaki needed to keep moving so that it can actively pump the water through his mouth and over his gill slits.

Slowly his oxygen starved brain started to go numb and every part of his body spasmed in agony,as if he was on fire. Just before dieing he saw the hazy figure of the Sea Rhino coming towards him to take out it's frustations. Welcoming death, Sah-Raaki closed its eyes and thanked his master, the Angel of Death, for saving him from the pain of the mauling which was soon to be inflicted upon him.


Nothingman said...

allright, when is the next part? when when when?!!! :D i'm loving it!!

Have you read the poem the Nail? for the want of a nail, the kingdom was lost, something like that.

Great, waiting for more now.


Antriksh Satyarthi said...

well i read it AFTER i had written this post....the nail angle just cropped up by itself...the original plan wasn't to kill Sah-Raaki but well shit happens :D

Nothingman said...

oh yeah, one more lil suggestion, i'll keep propping them :P

credit the owners of the images :) put a link where you get the pic from.

:) good going, i'll go read the two parts now.


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