"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 8


Donovan flew just inches above the surface of the sea. He could feel the cool breeze meeting him head on, the shimmering sun being reflected off the surface and the salty flavor of the sea in his mouth. Once in a while he would dip under the rising swells to cool down. Taking rest was not an option for him anymore, besides the place he was heading to was known for its high temperatures.

He saw a few Albatrosses flying overhead and dismissed them as his only companion for the journey.

Once again he missed the Grey vulture following him.


The Reaper sat in his cave, contemplating what to do next. He saw Donovan flying over the Atlantic ocean coming towards the Bermuda Triangle, the only gateway to hell.
Sending the earth demon to attack him had been a stroke of genius, the plan was to make Donovan believe that Lucifer wanted to kill him and direct his already seething rage for a direct assault on the Fallen One. Reaper's main motive was to seize hell in the subsequent confusion. After being the harbinger of death for so long, being the Angel of Death, a new zeal to achieve greatness burnt the Reaper from the inside. The fire to prove himself and the greed for greater power fuelled his ambitions to no limits. And he knew Donovan was the only one capable enough of taking the Satan down.

But the conversation his vulture had overheard in Rebus' office had changed everything. The fact that someone else was also plotting against Donovan was his main concern. He couldn't afford to let Donovan loose his focus, but without the knowledge of who he was against, planning the next move was almost as difficult as finding his robes in the pitch dark cave.

He glanced towards the vision being sent by the vulture. Something caught his eye. Not more then 10 feet in front of Donovan, a shadow had started approaching the surface from beneath.


Donovan sensed something wasn't right. The albatrosses in front of him had suddenly screeched their heads off and dispersed as quickly as possible towards the horizon. The swell had changed it's rhythmic motion and had started churning as if a vertigo was forming inside the sea. Donovan scanned the sea for any immediate signs of danger but for miles he saw nothing but the blue of the ocean staring bleakly back at his face.


The horn of the Sea Rhino missed Donovan by inches, or else the it would have had certainly converted all of his ribs to bony pulp. Still Donovan struck to the side of the rhino and the impact resulted him attaining a height of more then 25 feet without the aids of his wings. All the breath was knocked out of his lungs and he could already taste the sourish blood mixing with the salty water in his mouth.

As Donovan tried to control his senses four water streams shot from the sea and tied his hands and legs, stopping his rapid ascent abruptly. This sudden stoppage made his head go dizzy and before he could think of anything else the four streams started pulling Donovan down to the murky depths of the sea. A fifth thicker stream shot out and struck him squarely in the back. As the two opposing forces of the two sets of stream ravaged his body, a scream filled with agony escaped Donovan's lips. He could feel his back and his sockets crumbling under the dual force of the streams and his capillaries ready to explode due to the resultant pressure.

He opened his eyes and saw the sun, before a rush of sea water entered his lungs to push out whatever life was left in him. The mighty orange ball of orange had a azure colour from within the water. The surface gleamed as the rays of the sunlight penetrated the water to some extent. Donovan stopped struggling as the last of his strength left him and prepared to die in a cold chamber made of water.


The Reaper got furious as he saw Donovan disappearing down into the sea. He could see all his plans crumbling to rubble in front of him. A golden opportunity to get what should've been his, slipping away.

No. Not yet. Reaper faced the portal and a shark demon appeared on it. The creature had a face of a shark but with arms and legs protruding from his body. A brilliant shade of blue adorned his back.
'Go Sah-Raaki. Save my instrument.', he commanded the demon and directed it towards the mammoth figure of the Sea Rhino.


Nothingman said...

I like the politics of all this. Well handled, the internal conflict between reaper and lucifer, very new and different thought!

Ok, a lil suggestion once again, loose and lose.

"If a bra is loose, she will lose the bra" geddit?

You have mixed the use of loose and lose at some points in there :P


Antriksh Satyarthi said...

thanks for pointing out the error. it'll be taken care of when I'm finally done wid all this :D

Yours Truly.

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