"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The First Few Steps

The most difficult part of starting something new is well 'starting' it.....

The first few steps you take,nevertheless in whatever direction,you will find are the most difficult to take.These are the steps which will yield the minimum of results and are the one where you will make the most mistakes but these are the steps which you must take to end the journey.

since i'm new at writing this blog,I have decided to start this blog with a NOTE OF CAUTION...

Now let me make it clear that this must NOT be taken as a sign such as
but just as a disclaimer(no pun intended)

What i am going to write in this blog will just be my take on things...
It will all be about what i think or feel about certain issues...
again i must emphasise on the point that those issues can be from any context,they may not necessarily be social-political issues and again may not be all candy floss problems teens face... but they are just going to be the issues on which i would like to express my views...because the sole purpose of mine to start this blog is not to make things clear in my mind(i read it on the homepage under the heading why should one start a blog) but to express my ideas,my views to everyone.

but again here another conflict arises...

i believe no one thinks originally...there have only been 8 or 10 so called original thinkers in all of history...wat i believe is the fact that what we call as our OUR ORIGINAL IDEAS are only the distortions put up by the "ORIGINALS"...
with time all of our ideas OR our views have just been influenced by the thoughts penned by the "ORIGINALS".

The other trouble with views is that they get influenced by other's views as well as circumstances.

and i am not an exception...what i am trying to pass on as MY VIEWS are actually a remixed version of other's views as well.
My thought process do get influenced by other's ideas as well.
The point i am trying to make is what i will be writing here should not be taken as a writing on the wall.
With time,insight and experience of this world i may be bound to change my views altogether.

on an ending note,I would like to remind all those who actually know me in the 'real world' I may use certain quotes or instances from your lives but it is not my intension to cause any troubles to you and to make sure of this i will use certain caution.

again let me remind you that i want others to read into this and give their comments on it even if they think completely different from me because as i said my views and I are both of dynamic nature and I would love to hear counter views because i am always interested in broadening my horizons and the only way of doing it (as far as i know...) is by CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

so you are more then welcome to blast my views if you want....

Yours Truly.

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