"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"


You are: The Lovable Eyes
She is Spontaneous, Smooth, and Loving. She is what most guys want to find, date, and marry. That simple. She’s adorable, cute, sexy, innocent, easy-going, friendly, and fun to be around. Pretty much the perfect companion. She’s delicate and needs to be handled with loving hands, and there won’t be any shortage of guys willing to handle her. In a relationship, there is only one rule with the Lovable Eyes- Don’t Fuck Up. That’s it. Don’t cheat on her, don’t lie to her, don’t mistreat or abuse her, and she will be yours for a lifetime.

You are: The Charismatic Personality
He is Great, Smart, and Caring. He is what most gals want that finds them, date, and marry. That simple. He’s adorable, dependable, respectful, innocent, easy-going, understanding, friendly, practical, fun to be around and loving. Pretty much the perfect person who you will want that take care of you. He’s strong but needs to be handled gently, and there won’t be any shortage of gals willing to let him handle them. In a relationship, there is only one rule with the Charismatic Personality- Don’t Fuck Yourself Up. That’s it. Don’t ignore him, don’t speak harshly to him, don’t disrespect him, love him and he will be yours for every lifetime.

Yours Truly.

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Like a true gemini i've got a multifaceted personality. can't write about each of them so one will have to discover through the layers