"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 10


As the mangled remains of Sah-Raaki dropped to the ocean floor, to be consumed by the bottom feeders, the Sea Rhino started searching for Donovan again. Without much trouble it spotted his silhouette mixed with the black sand of the ocean.

But something was amiss.

A group of dolphins were trying to nudge him back to consciousness and had formed a protective circle around him. Donovan's head also was contained in a bubble and he seemed to have no trouble breathing. Like a bull in the Spanish arena, the Sea Rhino showed his fiery temper and tried to intimidate the group of dolphins by circling at the place where he was, but without a doubt he was taken aback by their audacity. With a loud grunt, which though couldn't be heard underwater but whose vibrations could be felt, he lunged towards them.

He was ready for the kill this time, to mix the remains of the bird with the sands of the sea. But again someone decided to lay ruin to his plans.

The Sea Rhino dropped dead in his tracks as something passed in front of him at rapid speed. Distracted he searched for the one who had the nerve to challenge him.

His eyes finally stopped at the figure who was just turning back to face him. Her white gown gave out a faint pearly glow and her silver scaled fish tail was expertly balanced on the glass surfboard she was riding. Her hair had a black-greenish tinge to them, cradling her pale oval face and complementing her ocean green eyes. But it was the sword in her hands which was a sign of the steely resolve and daring nature which resided inside her beautiful body.

Sea Rhino shook off the spell and took off towards her for a head on collision. Without missing a beat she just smiled and nodded as if accepting his challenge. She tilted her surfboard back to gain acceleration and zoomed towards him. The Sea Rhino dropped his head so that it's 7 foot long horn could do the maximum damage but as a trade off he lost sight of his opponent. For a head on fight the Sea Rhino was unparalleled and unmatched. Just one strike meant doom for the opponent, but it was essential that they both meet following a linear straight line course.

The smile on the gowned figure's face didn't even decreased an inch as she approached the massive, accelerating figure of the Sea Rhino. Seconds before the impact she jumped off her surfboard and moved towards the Sea Rhino's right side while her surfboard took the opposite direction and went for his left side.
As she inserted her gleaming sword in the body of the Sea Rhino, the blade of her surfboard entered the Sea Rhino's gills. She kept on swimming with the sword still inside the Sea Rhino's side and made a large cut in his body running across till his tail. The Sea Rhino bellowed in pain as the water around him started turning crimson. The figure again mounted her surfboard and clapped her hands. Instantly many sharks and a battery of barracudas made their way towards the bleeding carcass of the Sea Rhino.

'That will be a fast death for him' she thought and forgot all about him as she took her eyes off the feast she had just provided to her servants.

She swam down towards the battered and bruised figure of Donovan.


'Drink this, it will make you feel better' Aris holding a sweet smelling green coloured broth.
Archie was still shaken by the attack and the sudden appearance of her supposedly 'guardian' angel.
They were sitting in a forest clearing, under the shadow of a mountain a blue flamed firing burning between them.

'Where are we?' she finally asked.

Aris looked around and smiled. 'Beautiful isn't it? You are only the second living person after Dante to visit this place, mind you there was a lot of furor when Dante went back to earth and wrote down The Divine Comedy describing hell, heaven and purgatory, so be careful about what you tell people back home.' he smiled widened.'You are on the better side of Purgatory. The door to hell lies behind that mountain and that my dear is a twisted place, the side we are on is relatively much better. It leads to the gateway of heaven.' he said while pointing into the forest

'Purgatory?? Dante??? Divine comedy??? What are you talking about? Dante as in the main character from the video game 'Devil may Cry'??'

It was time for Aris to be puzzled. 'Google it later.' he sighed and looked at the full moon bathing the whole landscape in it's white light.

Suddenly anger flashed across Archie's face. 'And what about that bat thing? You swooping in from no where?? Am I supposed to google it too??' she hissed.

Aris weighed his options before speaking. Should he tell her the truth and to what extent?? or just lie to get her on his side?? She and her kind were conditioned from birth to think of God as a holy, all powerful, compassionate, righteous being. 'Even we angels thought of him being just that' he thought bitterly. Making her believe would be almost an impossible task.

At last Aris made up his mind that the best course of action would be for him to tell her the truth, but he decided that he would withhold half of his own motive from her.

In order to gain her trust and cooperation Aris decided to tell her that he was out to destroy Lucifer and her help is essential for the same but he decided against telling her that he would be also using her to annihilate God.

'Tell me Archie,' he started 'Have you ever loved someone?'

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