"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 11


Donovan woke up from the depths of darkness, to find a dolphin examining his face up close. Any other day, he would've sat right up and his initial reaction would've been to push the mammal away. However, at the present moment lifting even a finger seemed to him like carrying the world on his shoulders, just like Atlas.

He shook the cobwebs out of his mind and with the support of the dolphin slowly tried to sit up. His wounds had healed and the bruises were fading but every part of his body still ached. With every movement he could hear his bones crackling like logs in a fire. If he hadn't lived his whole life in heaven, he might have had easily mistaken this place to be it.

He was inside an underwater cave, every inch of whose surface was covered by moss giving the place a dark green colour. The place was decorated with small multicoloured pieces of corals and small starfishes. Donovan could see the marine life in full bloom outside and the light of the sun being filtered by the surface illuminating everything. Schools of fishes were busy making a rainbow underwater and for miles and miles the white sand could be seen as if carpeting the bottom of the sea. A blue stingray floated just above the white carpet while a family of sea horse nibbled at the corals. From far, the songs of whales reached Donovan and he was reminded of the music composed by a human spirit named Mozart, who currently was the official composer of the Hall of the Heavens.

'Life here is so peaceful' Donovan thought touching the bubble which enveloped his face, enabling him to breathe.

'A sea shell for your thoughts, and I wouldn't be playing with that if I were you, but then again I don't need to right? I can breathe underwater. Perks of being a mermaid' someone shot the words at rapid speed.

Donovan turned around and his jaw dropped.


She was wearing the pearly white gown, the sword lying feets away but attached to her armband with a chain . Her greenish hair flowed around her shoulders and a rainbow parrotfish roamed around her. The silver scales on her tail gleamed because of the reflected light but it was the spark in her eyes which dwarfed everything else. Her eyes held the light of a thousand suns, of all the joy and happiness that was filled in her soul. She radiated warmth and love but at the same time confidence and boldness. She was a live wire- full of life, liveliness and spunk. As she moved towards the dolphin, to adorn on it's neck a necklace made up of pink and black pearls, one couldn't help but notice her graceful movements. A sweet, disarming but playful smile resided on her pleasant face all the times.

'So we meet again dark one.' her mischievous grin widened,'and you should be thankful for that, else right now you would've been in a worse state then the wreck of the Titanic.'


'Princess Tishu servant. Don't forget, I'm the daughter of Triton, granddaughter of Poseidon, the God of sea. Next queen of the Atlantic' her jazzy laugh filled the cavern.

'I'm sorry my lady. Thank You for saving my winged ass, and now without intending to cause you further trouble I'll be taking your leave.' Donovan snapped back.

The sudden tension increased the density of the water. The fish stopped moving and even the Atlantic current made a brake on it's movements. Tishu's smile faltered a little while anger swept over Donovan's exhausted features.

'God still didn't give you a sense of humor.' she said finally.

She smiled back at Donovan, a smile that had captured his heart a long time ago.

She moved into his arms and they kissed.


'It's been too long Donovan.' she said gazing into his eyes 'Too long.'

Donovan looked back into her green eyes and saw his own reflection in them. 'Yes damn it. It's been ages.' he thought.

'And nothing has changed since then Tishu. There were no options then and things are even worse then before, for me at least.' Donovan said loosening his grip around her.'You are a mermaid, me an angel. You are royalty and me, well I'm not even an archangel anymore.'

'and still in love with me?' Tishu couldn't keep the optimism out of her voice.

'Yes.' Donovan kissing her forehead. 'It has always been you and always will.'

'That's good.' she said happily. 'But you have been a very bad boy. I know. What did you do?'

'I guess I attract trouble.' Donovan's voice was flat but the shadow of mischief in his eyes betrayed what he meant.

Tishu turned to a light hue of red and continued, 'And what deal have you made with Devil that God wants you dead?'

'What are you talking about Tishu?'. The edge came back in Donovan's voice.

'Do you really think I was just out for a stroll in this part of ocean silly?' she said playfully ruffling his hair. 'I heard Michael, Commander of God's army telling grandpa that God wants you dead and he ought to send someone to kill you.' she shuddered. 'I couldn't just let him do it, so I followed.'
She continued,'He was grandpa's own and I can't control magical creatures. When I got here I saw a Sah-Raaki taking you away from the Sea Rhino. Sah-Raaki is a creature of the dark, a subject of the Devil you know? The Sea Rhino caught up with him and killed him and I, well killing fishes and killing a warrior princess are two different matters, the bully found it the hard way.' she laughed.

She stopped as soon as she saw the somber expression on Donovan's face.

'It doesn't make any sense' Donovan finally broke the silence and told her everything from the start. The death of his human- Jack, his resignation, and the attack by the earth demon.

'Why would Lucifer try to kill me first and then send one of his minions to save me? And why would God wants me dead?' Donovan thought aloud.

'I can't answer this but I think I know who can. There were rumors floating around that one of the angels has turned rogue and has risen against God. At first I thought it was you, given your friendly nature,' Tishu said sarcastically ' so I found out more. Seems there is another one like you. His name is Aris. I think you should talk to him. Birds of a feather flock together, you know. The only question remains is to how to find him. Skies are not safe for you.'

Before Donovan could say anything Tishu opened one of the shells of her necklace and a portal popped out of it.

'This portal will take you to the nearest water body around him.'

Seeing the puzzled expression on Donovan's face she laughed and said,'By magic silly. Grandpa gave me a gift on my 18th, the other side of this portal opens anywhere I, want provided there is water there.'

'I don't know what to say, I can't thank you enough Tishu. First you save my life and now this...'

Tishu leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on his lips, disallowing him to complete his sentence.

'I love you too Donovan. I just hope that maybe someday we can be together.'

They held each other tightly. Donovan broke the embrace and disappeared into the portals.

'I'm sorry Donovan' sobbed Tishu, tears welling up her eyes.

'He believed you?' A bold and clear voice filled the cavern.

'Yes' whispered Tishu between her sobs.

'Good princess. Your beloved baby seals will be returned safely and their habitat will not be harmed' the same voice said.

Tishu turned back to face him, anger burning in her eyes but he had already turned his back to her. She could only see a black cloaked figure with a pair of big white wings projecting from his back.

'You'll make a good ruler princess. You are caring, compassionate and practical. Sending the only person you love to death to save a forest, to save the lives of the animals living in it. You care for your subjects.' he said while leaving.

'Go to hell' said Tishu throwing a shell towards him but which only met the empty space.

'I will princess, I will.' thought the cloaked figure while swimming towards the surface. 'After I've destroyed God and extended my rule to all the heaven, hell and earth, I'll take a vacation in hell.'

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