"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 12


As Michael walked into the corridor, all the conversations between lustful centaurs and passionate fairies, between angry cupids and rude smiling goblins died. Standing a little over 6 foots, with wavy blond hair, coal black eyes and a body chiseled out of stone, Michael was the the Commander of God's army. The part of God's erstwhile quartet of power.
Gabriel,the messenger was considered to be the closest to God while Raphael,the healer God's most favorite but it was the cool, calculating, detached Michael who held God's most terrible secret.

Everyone knew that, that the fourth angel of the quartet, Lucifer had lead the Great revolt of Angels against God and subsequently was defeated and thrown into the underworld by Michael but the truth behind all the facade was known only to the three of them- him, God and Lucifer. Only he knew that it was all a smoke-screen for 'Project Divine' and Lucifer was still in God's service since then.

And now the secret was out because Lucifer had blabbed it to a dying angel in his adrenaline rush and by some incomprehensible logic all of this was known to the lover of his. And now it became Michael's responsibility to get it all sorted out.

Lost in his thoughts he suddenly found himself in front of God's office.


'There is something in the cup.'

Aris' line of thought broke and he threw a lost look towards Archie. 'Huhh??'

'I said something is in the cup. Seems like a fly and it is getting biggereerrrr....aaaaggghhhh'

Despite the thoughts that had gripped Aris' mind, he came back to his senses as a figure leaped out from the cup and flew away. He could catch only a glimpse as the figure rushed past him.

'It's another attack' the thought raced through his mind. 'Archie hide somewhere. I'll take care of it' he said, taking flight.

The full moon bathed the whole landscape in its light. The lack of wind and the utmost silence sucked all the feelings of comfort from one's soul.
But Aris had left the feelings of security and reassurance a long way behind him. Anger fueled him right now and the realization of the fact that he was almost at a touching distance from his final move pumped in adrenaline through his system for good measure.

All sorts of attack and evade maneuvers raced through his brain as his eyes locked up at the figure flying ahead of him. Suddenly the dark winged figure stopped and turned back. Aris could make out the silhouette of an angel with the moon as the backdrop but the fact that this figure was someone from his own brethren didn't comfort him. He knew sooner or later, the best avenging angels would have been ordered to hunt him.

With a silent battle cry and a mighty push of his wings Aris increased his momentum to ram into the figure. At the last moment the figure changed his position to float horizontally with respect to Aris and grabbed one of Aris' hand. Before Aris could understand what this figure was upto, the figure caught the front of Aris shirt with his other free hand and gave a mighty push of his own wings.

From the ground Archie saw horrified as the two angels locked in a death grip accelerated towards the majestic forest like a free falling stone dropped from the Eiffel Tower. A row of tall mighty Redwood trees stood as sentinels at the edge of the forest, preventing the moonlight to expand the kingdom of light to the last of the grounds and casting long shadows throughout the forest.

With a loud crash the figures collided with the Redwood's and uprooted several of them as gravity did its work on all of them.

Archie started running towards the death still figures lying on the ground.


'The remains of the carcass of the Sea Rhino was found at the edge of the Bermuda triangle and I suspect he has taken refuge in the underworld sir.' Michael said. 'I think it would be better if Lucifer is asked to look for him over there.'

'I don't understand Michael.' said God. 'Why was Donovan heading towards the gateway to hell? He didn't know he was being looked for in the first place?'

'I...I don't know sir.' came the curt reply of Michael. 'But Aris has also disappeared. There is no news of him anywhere.'

'Lucifer failed too Michael.' God's voice held bitter disappointment and sadness in it. 'Aris succeed in taking away Raul's human with him. you know utmost secrecy is required for finding them that is why we have to use simple minded creatures to find them but day by day it is getting difficult to do so. Rumors are flying about the heavens that a second Great revolt is in the making.'
God laughed,'Ironic isn't it? There wasn't ever a First revolt to start with and now we are facing an actual danger of having a Coup d'état at our hands.'

Michael looked at God and suddenly he didn't see the charismatic, all powerful being. He saw an old man, tired of spreading the message of love and peace and harmony through the ages. An old man who has lost all hope and zeal to work further for the cause.

'Don't worry sir. We know where they are ultimately headed for. I'll set up the ambush for them. If we are unable to find them before that, we will still find them there.' Michael said.


Aris stirred as he felt a soft hand on his forehead. Suddenly everything came back to him and he opened his eyes. Archie's face loomed in and he saw a trickle of tears dropping from her eyes. His ribs were definitely broken and he could feel a throbbing pain in his right leg.

'Don't worry Archie. We Angels recover quickly given time. We have the blessing of Raphael the healer.' Aris said through gritted teeth as a pang of pain ran through his spine.

'That means he'll be alright soon?' Archie asked with concern and fear in her voice while pointing towards the figure sitting beside a tree.

He was in as bad as condition as Aris, if not worse. he had a nasty cut on his forehead and his face was matted with dust and dried blood. One of his eyes had clamped shut as the blood had coagulated on his face. His left hand was twisted at an unnatural angle and half of his left wing also had a bad tear which slitted the wing almost in two.

'Hello Aris.' the figure spat some blood on the ground. 'My name is Donovan.'


Reaper was in a foul mood. He didn't know where Donovan is and had no idea what he ought to do. And now he had an unknown message lying in front of him.
'The opportunity you strive for will be presented to you in the Garden of Eden. Very soon.'

It could be a trap he thought but at the same time he didn't had anything to loose now. He had come so far to fulfill his desires that going back now was not an option anymore. He also could never live serving Lucifer anymore. 'I will go' he decided.

And with that the first of the domino pieces began to topple, the effect of whose was going to change the course of the three worlds.

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