"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 5


Aris glided through the forest. The smell of the flowers and the trees intoxicated him and blurred his senses. The noise of the flowing river, the rustling of leaves and the songs of the birds and the bees, created an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Aris could feel the calmness entering his soul and found himself relaxing.
He shook his head to break the spell. The last thing he needed was to find peace within himself. To find the feeling of tolerance and forgiveness in him. He owed Raul. He owed all the Angels that have been betrayed by the one man the whole universe trusted. And he was out to expose him, cause his downfall and if possible, his death. He owed that to himself.

Aris kept on flying deeper and deeper into the forest, fighting the emotions of love and compassion which tried to sweep over him. At last he reached the clearing where she waited for him.

Shreyaan was the first angel. The first of her kind. Her beauty and purity gave her a glow of a thousand suns. She was the only one who didn't had even an iota of black light within her. Her compassion, clarity, understanding, patience and above all her eternal love for everyone were the stuff of which folklore were made of.
It was said even Satan himself was scared to come in front of her lest he himself gets enveloped by her white light.
These were the reasons due to which God had given the actual heaven to her, the garden of Eden. Only those mortals who were as pure as her could come and reside there. Obviously since the start of the world no one had been able to meet the criteria. In fact, God himself was unable to enter until she gave him permission.

And today Shreyaan was sitting on the branch of a tree in the form of a White Peacock.

'Bless me mother', said Aris knealing down.

Shreyaan took flight from the tree top and settled in front of him.

'I expected you a long time back Angel of Mercy', she said.
'I sense a sadness in you son', she chirped 'and a deep hatred within. Even this place is unable to wash these negativities away from you. Look what has happened to your wings. You are changing.'

Aris looked at his formerly pearl white wings. They had become paler, the edges already turning grey.

'It is a bad omen son. changing of colours. More the black light gets a hold of your heart and soul, the paler your wings become'

'You know what happened Shreyaan. You always know what is happening around the world. Which secrets burden our souls and what thoughts raise storms in our mind. You knew it all along and still you didn't stop it.' Aris said changing the course of the discussion in the direction he wanted.

If Shreyaan was shocked about the straight forward confrontation, nothing on her persona showed it. 'It is a beautiful place, isn't it?' she sighed sadly.
'I knew about it Aris, but I also know the reason why God needs to do this.' she continued,' but you don't and neither you'll try to understand. Your reasons are different. You are driven by the love of one man. He needs to love many. You are driven by revenge. He by necessity'

'The reasons are not important now mother. I've chosen my path and have taken the oath to avenge my dead beloved. I need to be the Avenging angel. I can't turn back if I want to live peacefully for the rest of my life. You know what I need to know. Tell me the way.'

'You understand that son once I tell you everything I'll inform God what you plan to do? I can't choose between the two halves of myself.'

'I understand mother. You just tell me the name of the person whom Raul was a guardian angel of.'

'Here is what you want to know. The name of Raul's human is...'


Donovan flew but this time he didn't let his mind wander. He was cautious for he expected another attack. Demons didn't attack Angels. They were happy preying on mortals, sucking the happiness and sanity out of them. He only knew one man who could've sent the monster after him. The one who brought heaps and heaps of troubles and miseries on both heaven and earth. He, who had caused the recent massacre of Angels.
'For centuries us angels have been unable to contain his influence or his powers but he has messed up big time when he took directly on Donovan, the Archangel of vengeance.' the thought ran through his mind, 'this time it will be the end of Lucifer.'

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