"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 1


I started the long lonely walk towards the door behind which was the cause of all this destruction and the end of the road for me. I had no delusions, I wasn't going to survive this. The mission had 'Suicidal' written all over it from the day it was decided to be carried out. From the original party of 15, I was the only one who had survived to finish what we were sent to do. My comrades had laid their lives on the order of the greater being, sacrificed our selves to save the mortals. And the humans will never know.

The black mahogany door towered everything else around it. It might make a sound but after the fight the bodyguards had given us, maintaining silence became futile. The one behind the door must be alert by now. Just not enough was what I hoped for.
The door opened noiselessly and I stepped on a plush, wine red carpet. I scanned the room quickly for any movement and kept on walking. BIG MISTAKE.
Suddenly I sank into the carpet till my torso was above the ground. Chains, hot enough to burn my flesh came from nowhere tied my hands and wrapped around my neck. I noticed for the first time that the shadows I had so conveniently failed to notice, on account of my adrenaline rush, were creeping towards me, to send me down to the bottom of the pit where numbing agonies awaited me.

'Welcome my dear boy', a sharp, bone chilling voice traveled through the air, 'My guards didn't give you much trouble, did they?'

The target was right in front of me. All 6 foot 3 inches of his snake like body in front of me. He wore his trademark black with streaks of red with a violent smirk playing on his thin lips. His shiny, oily black hair were swept back and stuck to his scalp. He held in his hand a walking stick with a diamond of the size of a fist at the end.

And suddenly I understood why he was the second most powerful person since eternity.

I stopped struggling as it was a futile gesture now.

'Just give me one chance and I'll rip that smile off your face' I snarled.

'You are quite violent for an angel aren't you?' he laughed again.

'You might have survived me Lucifer but mark my words this won't end untill...'

'You want me to be scared of you, Son? Of you and your honey coated friends?? Me, the Lord of underworld scared of you who can only transform themselves into a Dove at the most?? God has a sense of humor I must agree. The supreme being of such pitiable servants.'

'He is greater than you, his message of love and peace is spreading everywhere. The one who is followed by millions on earth.'

'And the same beings kill each other on his different names? Cheat and kill their fellow beings. And you wonder why I call his servants pitiful. Tell me boy have you ever heard any one of my followers killing each other on the basis that I'm called Satan by some, Devil by others, and Mara and Asur by others?? NO. They follow my path. Follow my instructions to the letter.'

My brain refused to come up with a comeback.

'I don't ask them to perform complex rituals to please me. I don't need your Priests to spread my message. I just let them follow their basic animalistic nature. The nature YOUR God has given them. And THAT is the whole beauty of it son.'

His laugh raised a cold feeling of dread inside me, as if all of my insides had turned to ice. I looked around to find something to improve my present situation but every time a germ of a plan started to come to me my mind fogged. Aris's doing. Damn his protective nature.

'And you think your God to be so pure, so loving, so good??? Why do you think all my guards expected you?? Why do you think you witnessed a massacre on the way here?? Why only you have survived long enough to have an audience with me?? Why do you think God took away your wings so that you can't fly out of this quicksand??', his menacing laugh filled the room yet again.

'You poor naive fool. You were mine for the taking the moment you had agreed to come and assassinate me. Your God personally told me when to expect the 1003474388th holy strike to kill me.'

By now my jaw had welded shut by itself, all my neurons started fizzling out as his diabolical laugh entered my mind and wrapped itself around my soul. The fog in my mind had changed to a thick white wall by now and blocked all my abilities to think. I tried not to believe him, tried to have faith on my God but the seed of doubt had already been sown.

'It is nothing personal son, but every time an angel dies, my job on earth becomes much easier' he hissed.


Nothingman said...

I like the picture and I like the beginning. The first line says a lot.

I read this on my phone's RSS reader few days back and got to commenting only now and I see you've written quite a lot. gonna catch up now!


Aby said...

Nice start, lost ground somewhere in the middle...Good one !

Yours Truly.

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