"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

The Coup- Part 13


The trio tore through the veil of the clouds, giving new meanings to the phrase 'sky is the limit'.
Aris protectively held Archie and kept his eyes on the horizon, but his mind was just not with the rest of his body.

Aris missed Raul. Every moment when he was not moving, when the adrenaline wasn't pumping, whenever he relaxed, the memories came rushing back to haunt him. Tormenting his soul, taunting him at his failure to save him or take revenge either. He missed the sanity and peace of his earlier life. He missed the love, the friendship, the companionship. A tear formed in his eye.

Flying across him, Donovan was fighting the demons of his own. He had no purpose, no goals, nothing to look forward to. And what he had just learnt, made a joke of everything he had done in his past. His mind kept wandering back to the conversation they have had in the clearing.

'And that's how he died Donovan.' Aris had said,'That is how we have all been dieing. The man we have been protecting has been the one who had been selling us off.'

At first Donovan had denied it all and simply refused to believe him. He had almost attacked Aris again but then Aris offered him to see the proof for himself.

Aris had held the girl's head and hypnotized her.Soon, the images of the last moment of Raul had sprang out in front of them.
Donovan's heart sank to a new low while the fury within him attained new heights as he saw the slaying of the angel.
Aris stopped just as the girl lost her consciousness

'Archie was Raul's human. He was to be her guardian angel so when he died a part of him got into her to protect her, to be her inner voice, her conscience. This is no magic, if we continue you can see all of Raul's life.' Aris said,'I'm telling you the truth Donovan, but I also know no one will believe me over the righteousness of God. That is why I have decided to get revenge for our brothers and sisters.'

A flying Duck broke the series of thoughts in Donovan's mind and brought him back to the present.

'So we will end it where it all started. At the Garden of Eden.' thought Donovan while dodging another Duck.

Garden of Eden was the only thing which kept flashing across Archie's mind also. She remembered seeing someone dieing in her dreams. At first she had attributed it to the shock, after all so much bizarre happenings had taken place in the last 24 hours but when she came around and saw the two angels arguing about something she knew something was not right. And then their subsequent conversation simply cemented her opinion that she landed amidst something very horrible and dangerous.

'She is the only one who can end this. Shreyaan has told me. You know why God always preached against vengeance?? Because it is the only feeling that he can't overwhelm. The EXACT opposite of his teachings, of his religion.And the weapon that will destroy him.' Aris had said.

'There is this source in Eden, the perfect synergy between dark and light. The source of everyone's energy. If we can get to it, we can suck out God's life by using Archie. I know how to do it. I just need to get there.' Aris had said.

She recalled that the dark winged angel, the one who called himself Donovan had exploded quite violently after that. 'You are fucking mad in what you are planning to do, you know that?? and I must be mad in...' she had lost consciousness after that.

'Well, he is still with us. I guess Aris made him see his point.' she thought.

The thought of Aris suddenly made her realize how close she was to him at this moment. She could feel his arms holding her close to him. She could actually feel his heart pounding in his chest, or was it her own? Her feelings for him confused her. He is still in love with someone else, a guy.
HE IS GAY, her mind scolded back.
And I'm in love, she replied back.
A wrong kind of love darling, the mind refuted, it won't go anywhere.
Just as the best comeback came to Archie's mind, Donovan spoke.

'We are here. The Garden of Eden.'

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