"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"


The much awaited sequel to 88.


“I’m gonna tie you up now.” said Rebecca.

AR couldn’t believe his luck. 3 hours earlier he was sitting in a bar, nursing a deal gone bad, a cold beer soothing his parched throat and now he was in bed with a smokin’ hot girl, who was more than ready to fulfill all his desires.

“You are doing a good job up there God” he thought, “screw one deal a month and give me something like this any day.”

Rebecca took two off colored handcuffs and cuffed him to the bedpost. She sat top on him and started kissing him. She started rubbing his shoulders and dug her nails into them from time to time. The pain combined with the effect of Rebecca’s hardened nipples touching his chest, started sending waves of pleasure down AR’s spine. His dick was erected to its full length and frantically begged to find solace in her warm pussy. Rebecca started nibbling his ear lobe and AR started to rub his hot rod on her small, tight ass.

“Mmm…someone or rather something is getting desperate” she said in a husky whisper, “But it will still have to wait darling.”

“I’m going down on you.” She whispered into his ears.

Before the signals telling AR’s throat to utter ‘Yeah Baby’ could finish their journey, he felt her soft fingers firmly holding his dick and stroking it.

AR could only manage a grunt of pleasure before Rebecca took it into her mouth. He felt her warm tongue licking it and the pressure of her teeth from time to time. She started nibbling at it and with each stroke the resultant stimulus increased the ecstasy manifold for AR. He felt her hand caressing his balls and as she squeezed them felt his skin tighten further as his thing increased its size.

“You’ve got a monster here” she smiled, “An untamed demon. Just don’t get too excited and finish it before I have even begun”

AR wanted to say something witty, something funny but no words came to him. Maybe seeing such a naked hot girl between his legs or the fact that she was hungrily taking mouthfuls of his major was the explanation of his speechlessness but one thing was certain, words or not, AR was living his fantasy.

In all the times he had never even imagined he could reach this size. The male in him was feeling very proud. He pitied all the girls who had rejected him earlier.“You missed it gals. You missed a hell of a pleasure ride” his mind boomed.

Rebecca’s voice bought him back to the bed.“You will be my number 888.” Her voice suddenly had an edge to it. Her tone was aggressive and as soon as AR saw the hunting knife in her hands he knew he was in a real mess.

“What?? What are you doing babes? I’m not much game for snuff sex sweetheart.” AR’s voice trembled.

Rebecca had a look of a hungry tigress on her face but the gentleness was back in her voice.“I have a fetish for those things darling. I already have a collection of 887 and you have a very special monster with you. But don’t you worry, you’ll be my prime collection or rather your dick will be. ”

AR tried struggled to break open his handcuffs but to no avail.He stared in horror as Rebecca went into a dreamlike state, staring fixatedly at his dick.

She suddenly looked at AR and smiled.

“Item number 888.” She said and with a slash chopped AR’s dick off.


Nothingman said...

That was mindfuck dude :D It is scary indeed too. Again, never fuck with unknown bitches or you might never fuck again :D

Rock on!


Antriksh Satyarthi said...

one night stands are always dangerous mate...if u dnt have proper protection + dere s a chance tat u r so good in bed tat d girl myt want to take d thing further..tab toh bas dil hii todna banta hai

Yours Truly.

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