"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"


I contemplated smoking a cigarette before I start doing my job, but lighting a match would have ruined all the night vision I had and on a night like this I needed all of it so that I could work effectively and efficiently. The road was deserted and I could see no lights in the windows of the house. I put on my mask as I silently crossed over to the other side and reached the wall.

The voice of the Major from my training days invaded my mind as it does every time I start doing my work. Old habits die hard. Besides the recollections kept me cool under pressure and the training was coming in handy in another field where you didn't had to die in the line of duty.
"Very good jokers, go up and come down silently. Remember in combat it can decide whether you'll live or die"

The wall was about 12 feet in height. Piece of cake. 15 seconds at the max.
I was on the other side in 14. Out of practice I guess will do good as my excuse.

I observed the manicured lawn, the gleaming cars in the driveway and the white cat who had been silently observing my every moment since I don't know when. I said a silent prayer that there were no dogs. Dogs can be tricky and cause a problem and I usually have to resort to killing them to save my skin. Even in my line of work I abhor killing animals, Human however are an exception as a species.

It was a two storied house and I observed that all the windows on both the floors were shut except the one on the top floor. I decided that window would be my ticket to the house. It wouldn't had taken me more then 4 minutes to open a window but there is always a chance of tripping a burglar alarm and I was not in a mood to waste more time trying to find it & disconnecting it when such a window of opportunity was open to me, besides a little exercise would always come handy in old age.

I reached the drainpipe and did a double check to ascertain my midnight stroll hasn't caught anyones undue attention. I pulled myself up with an agility and quietness and completed the vertical distance that would have had made my major proud. Once a uniformed figure always in the army.

I reached the open window, reached out, caught the ledge and peered inside.

I saw a man tied and gagged to a chair, struggling fanatically to open his knots, failing miserably with tears streaming down his face.
A man was on the bed on top of another struggling figure while another burly man was standing at one side holding a gleaming hunting knife in one hand and threatening the figure on the bed who was crying silent tears.

I was in a very uncomfortable position so I thought it would be understandable if I take refuge in the room inspite of the scene unfolding inside.
As I came inside everyone grasped and went silent for a moment as would you if a well built, masked figure leapt into your room in the middle of the night.
"Hi there, nice knife you got there" said I in a voice that failed to mask the instant hatred and the feeling of violence building up inside me towards the two men.

The one with the knife recovered before his partner and threw himself at me.

Major's faced piped in.
"No guns, no knives and no bombs. Your hands are the ultimate weapons lads. Use them properly and even you jokers can kill an elephant bare handed"

45 seconds after taking a leap at me, the man with the knife lay on the floor, back broken in three places and head rotated to an impossible angle.
I grabbed the knife that had fascinated me from the moment I had entered the room as the man on the bed recovered from the spectacle that was going horribly wrong, atleast for him. I reached him before his feet had touched the floor and had him spitting blood from his slit throat 10 seconds later.

The pretty thing on the bed looked at me silently, with alarm and fear in her eyes and suddenly dashed to her spouses side crying fanatically as she hugged him.

"This is a robbery guys" I said flashing my best gentlemanly smile at both of them.

I have killed many when I was in the Special commando unit of the army and robbed many after I was dishonourably discharged from it, but never before I had robbed anyone who was smiling amidst the tears, that usually come when one is looting there hard or not so hard earned money and showing them the end of the barrel of a gun, and was actually thankful and glad to have me there.
Till that moment.


Nothingman said...

I hate it when a good rape scene gets interrupted by the entry of the hero.

Good stuff and I think i'll write you a mail now. Keep an eye on yer inbox :)


Nothingman said...
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Antriksh Satyarthi said...

thanks 4 d mail dude...
really appreciated it...

i guess the jumping b/w the past and the present has become my intricate writing style.
but again a good writer ought to break the monotony now n then and shldnt be bound by one style only..will try to change that...

as 4 d grammer...i admit i'm more fucked up in tat dept then 'the fucked up'

playing with numbers 4 d past 4 years is my xcuse (n will ya believe i got 96%ile in english in cat while i cld just manage 36 in maths??? crappp)

will be waiting 4 ur pointers...[:)]

Aj said...

Hey space man... Long time...

That was some khool stuff.. Hope you teach me how to climb a wall in 15 seconds...


Antriksh Satyarthi said...


u'll have to take that kinda training from my dear old dad mate.
in his prime he could do it in 15 seconds flat.
now am not too sure.[:P]

Yours Truly.

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