"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

Antriksh the Skinner

In the late 18oo's, London was terrified by a serial killer christened Jack the Ripper by the press. The man used to kill prostitutes during the night. The victims were strangled and then their organs removed.

Cut to 2008, New Delhi. Tonight was a night of turmoil for me. At first I decided to curl up in bed and wish to the Almighty that he takes away this godforsaken life.

And that is when Satan approached me and suggested that why not instead of ending this life I put it to some better use and punish those who had made my life hell and are pushing others to the same path of madness??

That is when I decided that I'll don the role of 'The Skinner' who'll skin his victims alive.

I was a happy-go-lucky guy, sane in the head, quite satisfied with his life.

Until I decided to take a brake and watch some prime time television. And my ordeal started.

Mindless Reality shows, Reruns of family feuds on each channel, comedy shows which make me puke instead of laughing, a fuckingly mindless flick 'Blackmail' (I used to like Priyanka Chopra & Ajay Devgan before this) and on whatever is branded as the News channel,"Ek sadak jo khoon mangati hai....jise laal rang pasand hai...jahan maut ka nanga naach hota hai"(A road which asks for blood...which likes red colour....where death dances naked[END QUOTE]...I guess this was the part cause of which even Satan sat up in his warm little 'Hell-pad'...someone says your girlfriend dances naked on the street you sure won't sit away idly will you??), every fucking thing fizzled out my brain and left me in the state I'm.

I've decided that I'll roam the streets at night and when ever I'll find someone who is associated with with these mindless freak shows, I'll make sure that they pay for making me and my fellow human beings watch all of this crap.

Though there is something I can watch when the adrenaline has stopped pumping and am washing away the blood stains from my clothes, Cartoon Network and other Kid channels are worth a timepass...even falling anvils and talking animals make more sense than these family sagas and you can always switch to a sports channel (somewhere around the world someone must be playing something..even a kho-kho match between Bangladesh & Fiji is worth a dekko than the usual horseshit) or Discovery (or its subsidiary viz. History Channel or National Geographic) and learn something about this world and use it to show that dumb lass you've been trying to woo away from your best friend that you are smarter than him. And the music channels,only when singers in skimpy clothes sing or Katrina Kaif comes and shakes her booty(I don't give a damn about the Music..if I wish to hear a good song like a good criminal I'll download it from the net...Piracy Rocks !!!).

Time to go. Just saw an assistant of Ekta Kapoor. Need to sharpen my blade.


Phoenix said...

my first time here... i like your blog... :) its darn nice

yup are going to be ekta kapoor's writer? cool ya!

Antriksh Satyarthi said...

thanks for dropping by and soothing my ego...
been a long time since anyone did that..(am getting emotional...darn....)

Nothingman said...

mr skinner you should throw your tv off the window of your house and read a book or talk to a living breathing person

I just hate TV a lot.

Sometimes even tom and jerry is not worth getting a TV :P


Antriksh Satyarthi said...

i planned bro but its got some perks...
watching porn on 29" screen has its moments...:P

as for books have read a lot...
read my michael crichton wala post for evidence...& talking is a passion mate...my phone bills can prove it

n thanks for dropping by dude...

twamasi said...

Old and tired go with the flow,Hero wah hein jo goes on doing soemthing different,distinguishing himself from the crowd,making himself consipicuos with his integrity.
You have the talent to write but dont steamrolled over the current trends of using and hammerring down the disrespectful words.I am throwing a thrill of the challenge towards you.


nice one :) and glad to know that you felt like bashing up the old fella who was touching the poor girl....which i picked up from your comment on pseudointellectual's post on "where's the line"....well, the girl is my GF :) and well, it made my blood boil too..pity that I was not on the flight :) ..well your posts are good stuff to read while I am munching on chips...pure masala :) cheers :)

Amit Anshu said...

hehe...Good one bro..Love it!

Yours Truly.

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