"Whatever has happened once, will not happen again..but what has happened twice is bound to happen for the third time..." - Paulo Coelho from "The Alchemist"

What Bullshit !!!!!

This was completely unplanned(n actually unexpected)...call it as a decision out of the blue...and a dumb decision u may add(atleast i do)
I never did expect that the judiciary of "Out Great Nation" could get so low minded (after all u need to have good qualifications to become a Hon'ble Judge) but i guess our lawmakers are hell bent to prove my beliefs wrong.

Before u start thinking that this is all about The Supreme Courts verdict to issue a stay on the Quota issue,this has nothing to do with it(and since we are at it let me make it clear, i support the Courts decision).

What actually has touched a nerve of mine is The Delhi High Courts decision to quash a rape charge against an accused after he proposed to marry the victim and the real shocker was that the victim AGREED !!!!

In a country where a woman is raped every 29 minutes,in whose capital the same statistics holds true for 24 hours, this new directive will do nothing but give the accused a big loophole(loophole looks like a main road to me...) to get out of the way of punishment.

but now the real question arises who is to blame???

The Victim???
Ok, she agreed to the marriage but come on how can we blame her??? We live in such a Modern Country where the final solution to each n every problem is marriage.
In a society which pokes fun at the victim and her family,talks in whispers behind them and in front of them.Where the girl and her family is ridiculed and are made butt of their sick sense of humour.Where they are subjected to an immense mental torture which is unimaginable.
So the only option left for the girl and her family is to save as much face as they can.
Even the victim is overtaken by shame,guilt and the anxiety about 'who will marry me'.

The Court and the Law Enforcers???(with a conviction rate of 4-12% they can be easily made the scrapgoat.)
NO again.
They are to blame but not entirely....
Because most of the times they are told to do their job with both hands tied behind there back.

The major fault lies with us...
With our Society
With our typical conservative mindset.
Where Marriage is the ultimate solution to all of life's problems.
In the western countries if a woman does undergo such a tragedy the society there supports her not like here where she can't even get out of her home with dignity.
What we should learn is not to forget the tragedy but we should let the girl live her life as normally as possible.
We should let her achieve her goals and let her live JUST THE WAY SHE WANTS...

What the Court should have done was to help build up this mindset instead of quashing cases.
They should taken into account the fact that such marriages are disastrous and are marked by violence.They should have realised that no person can live with someone who has caused so much psychological and physical damage.That the accused will in no way support her in any way.
And what is the gurantee that he will not rape her after marriage???

but just when i think all hope is lost there does come a ray of light in the form of the resilience shown by the victim and her family,the whole hearted support of all the people from all walks of life and the judgement that followed in the Priyadarshani Matoo Rape case or Shanti Mukund Hospital Rape case.

There is still some hope left for us....

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rajika said...

hey antriksh...
well i hv to say i totally agree wid u..i mean really its high tym dt da nation realises the real essence of a women...rather than just make hr compramise on things like marrying da person who caused hr so much pain, just to get away wid da humiliation....!!
bt i guess its nt hr fault, the fault lies among da ppl of da society who need to change their mindset....they need to hv a better outluk...!!

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